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Dr. Shamim Azar

Dear Pervaiz Saheb

Thanks for your continued sum up on FOTH programs.
Right now I am back  in Malaysia for next few months working with a University ( UniSZA) here on secondment from McGill U
I wish I could attend both your upcoming programs. I am sure evening with Dr. Bland Iqbal will be a long remembering one as well as your as ever grand annual picnic party.
Please keep on sending me the FOTH programs.
My best regards to All FOTH members and Dr. Khalid Sohail and Dr. Baland Iqbal.
Dr. Shamim Azar

Murtuza Sharif

ask. ap azeem admy hn ap n jo adby program Dr.suhail k sath karty h wo elmo adab k kidmat h .ap qabile tahseen hn. koe kidmat ho to yad karleen

Murtaza Sharif

Ashfaq Khan

Dear Perwaiz Salahuddin Sahib:

Thanks very much – as already confirmed  I will attend the function,  honestly I love you people and the programs.

As I said above  I like you both  and that is why  I am giving my sincere suggestion.  In your last program, we heard Mr Afzal Sahir and it was almost his show.  Now in the forthcoming program, please keep only NADEEM SHAH as  lot of people  donot understand  punjabi at all and  frankly speaking the punjabi of Mr.Sahir is difficult so far so I am a punjabi and  I could not understand him well.  A  mohtarma was sitting near to me, she was from Lahore and she said the same thing.
Please donot mix these two different people  “the poet and the singer”.  Keep only Nadeem Shah on 18th and you will see 80 to 100 people will attend.

suggested and my respectful regards.

Ashfaq Khan
punjabi but not understanding punjabi very well

Ashfaq Khan
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