.Name: Maqsood Hussain Jafri
Place of Birth; Poonch City Indian held Kashmir
Education; MA English(Punjab University) Pakistan; Ph.D (English Literature) Chicago, USA: D.Phil ( Philosophy) New York.
Profession; Professor of English Literature at Govt. Gordon College Rawalpindi, Pakistan.
Former Advisor to the Prime Minister of Azad Kashmir
Former Chief Editor Pakistan Weekly New York and Patron-in- Chief International Spark Islamabad, Pakistan
Awarded Gold Medal by the Government of Iran  on Persian poetry.
 Presidential Literary Award by the Government of Azad Kashmir
 Former Member Scholarship Committee Academy of Letters Pakistan
Participated in many international conferences  in USA, Russia, France, Iran, Saudi Arabia. Libya and Dubai as a writer and scholar.

List of published books:

1--  The Gleams of Wisdom (Prose)
2- Third Universal Theory (Prose)
3-- Philosophy of Soul (Prose)
4- The Plight of Kashmir (Prose)
5-- Testament of Truth (Prose)
6-- The Message of Islam (Prose)
7- The Rational Study of Islam (Prose)
8-- The Ideals of Bhutto (Prose)
9-- Visions and Vistas (Poetry)
10-- Seeds of Sanity (Poetry)
11-- Love and liberty (Poetry)
!2-- The Songs of Humanity (Poetry)
Persian Poetry:
13--  Jam-e-Wafa
14--  Aatish-e- Ghazal
15-  Halqa-e- Zanjeer
Urdu Poetry
16- Shola-e- Kashmir
17--  Ghosh-e- Qafas
18-- Nakhl-e- Arzoo
19-- Maikhana
20- Mata-e- Dard
Ten more books in Urdu, Persian and English of poetry and prose are ready for publication

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