Family of the Heart - YOUNG HEARTS 


Decades have passed
But racism still lasts
After all that we’ve been through
What’s the big difference between me and you
The colour of our skin
The countries our parents were once in

The texture of our hair
Is enough is make people stare
The religion we follow
Is enough to make some hearts hollow

But we are all the same
Let’s end this foolish game
Racism has no place in this world
Hearing all these racial remarks being hurled
They need to stop
These horrible words need to be dropped

Why should discrimination and segregation
Lead to a life of limitations
It doesn’t matter if we’re black white or brown
No one deserves to walk around with a frown

I don’t understand these racists’ needs
Why they enjoy so much to make our hearts bleed
Instead of being proud of our background
We must hide it so it doesn’t get around
Why not let us embrace our race
So that we don’t have all that ridicule to face

We are all equal
And this is one story that doesn’t need a sequel
I’m sick of hearing “all these people are bad, all these people kill”
They make it as though we have a prerequisite to fill
If you’re not the right race you don’t belong
If you’re not the right colour you can’t come along

The person I am has nothing to do with the colour of my skin
But the person that is within
That’s what really counts
If we agree with that, there is no doubt
We can let racism die, let it out of our lives
Let it loose, so we can win
Let it fade, so we all fit in

Someone once said I have a dream
I’m still waiting for that dream to be seen
Someone once said let freedom ring
I’m still waiting for freedom to sing

Our world has been separated
Different races are to be hated
So fill those gaps with beautiful colour
And let this world be a world of wonder

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