Family of the Heart - YOUNG HEARTS 

May 28th 2010

Decades have passed,
But the hate still lasts

Hate for a group whose beliefs aren't like the rest
Murder of those whose lives are a test

I live every day, with peace and freedom
But we all cry, at what this country has become
Who knew that our home would have such a fate?
To become a place filled with so much hate

Crime and killing become an every day event
Events which now match all the prophecies sent
You hate us because we're not like you
Say we’re not Muslim, and leave us with nothing to do

You say that you believe, but your life is a lie
You don't understand, because you refuse to try
For you your faith, and for me mine
But you didn't understand this; you crossed the line

Each one of them was a believer 'till the end
Each striving to predict what's around the bend
We won’t forget what we lost, but to this date
We hold on tight, always remember our faith

We take a step back, look with horror; at what you've done
For these acts, excuses you have none
We can't do anything; to change our past
But in the future; we will make changes at last

You only bring us closer, as our wounds heal
And we'll never forget the way you made us feel
We don’t believe in revenge, but we will not fall
We have faith in Allah, for he is above all

You killed so many, more than just a few
But in return, we did nothing to you
You took a part of us all, on that very day
But love for all, hatred for none, is all we say

By Izzah Javaid

(after 28th may incidents)

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