Family of the Heart – Saeed Qureshi

Your Message: I am a journalist of long standing. In Pakistan I worked with The Muslim, independent English daily published from Islamabad, during the stifling days of ultra orthodox Islamic dictator Zia ul Haq. Following the forcible closure of the paper by the government, I joined daily Pakistan Observer as a Deputy Editor. Thereafter, I established my own opinion weekly Diplomatic Times that I edited till the day of my arrival in the United States. I have extensively written on diverse themes and I am still in the writing business. My articles and literary contributions run in hundreds if not thousands. I am an independent, liberal and a strong believer in the inevitability of a civil society without bars from pressure groups such as religion, feudalism, army and similar oppressive organs of a state and society. Humanism is my emblem. I live in Dallas Texas for almost 8 years now.


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