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Abrar Hasan

The Authority is delighted to announce the co-option of Dr Abrar Hasan from the OECD as a member of the Authority. Dr Hasan replaces Dr Barry McGaw who was unable to continue as a member following his appointment as Director of Education at the OECD. The Authority has benefited enormously from its connection with the OECD and is delighted that this connection is maintained with Dr Hasan's appointment. Dr Hasan will serve for the remainder of Dr McGaw's term of office which expires on the 6 February 2007.


Dr Abrar Hasan has been working with the OECD since 1983 and he is currently Head of Education and Training Policy Division in the Directorate for Education, since 1994. His field of responsibility involves directing comparative policy analyses in a comprehensive range of education policy areas from early childhood to adult education. He is also responsible for important activities in the current OECD programme of work. He has published many articles and monographs on topics related to education, labour economics, and technology and work organisation.

Born in Canada, Dr. Hasan pursued his post-graduate studies at the University of British Columbia, Canada, Queen's University, Canada and the University of Chicago, United States. Prior to joining the OECD, he was a Senior Economist with the Economic Council of Canada and Head of Policy Analysis Division with the Unemployment Insurance Commission, Government of Canada. He also lectured at the University of Illinois, Chicago Campus.