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Dear Dr. Maqsood Jafri,


Thank you very much for your good wishes and I wish you the same.


“The base of any religion is “Belief”. The belief itself is a doubtful reality. To believe in something is not the proof of its existence. The truth of the messages given in any holy book are based on belief, so a doubtful reality.”


Since the non-existence of God is based on belief (without prove), so atheism is also a religion. In Buddhism God is absent and still it remains a religion.


It seems that you are using the word religion in terms of monotheism and particularly Islamic monotheism.


All the believers in Islam are Muslims and they prey to the same unique God directly without any intervention of a Prophet, Imam, or any other religious authority. There is no Pope in Islam.


An individual Muslim has no right to declare another believer (Marxist and the Materialist), as non-believer.


If you have accorded this authority to yourself, then you are declaring yourself equal to God because only He knows who is His slave (Muslim) and who is not.





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