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Dear  Dr. Maqsood Jafri


You write:


“The non-believer means  that a person does not believe in God. So how it comes that you also name an un believer as a believer.”



The starting phrase in my earlier post is: “The base of any religion is “Belief”.


And I continued with “Since the non-existence of God is based on belief (without prove), so atheism is also a religion."


In Buddhism there is no God (atheism!) and in Hinduism an atheist is an integral part.




In monotheism, to believe in one and unique God, is the only way to enter the religion.


With this definition an atheist is automatically excluded. Also, by this definition he is non-believer.


Do you see it any where in my text that I have reproached you for his exclusion from the Ummah?


But on what reason do you declare the Marxist and Materialist Muslims as non-believers??


Hope to hear from you soon.



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