Secular Jinnah

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Dear Mr. Bashy Qureshy


We are not talking of Jinnah of Pakistan but of  “Secular Jinnah”.


I am indeed very thankful for your effort to make me understand my  misreading of your statements.


When I read a statement, I see only the words written by the writer. I also try to understand the different meanings and connotation of words. It is possible that some time I make the mistake to choose the correct interpretation of a word. But I never try to guess the personal thinking of the writer. It is beyond me.


In your Paragraph starting with “When I am explaining…”, you explain why you wrote: “ ..low paid jobs..”


Does the one paragraph explanation delete your earlier comment ?


“you indulge in rhetoric which is not backed by historians and scholars.”


When  I write a statement, it is mainly based on observation, reason and logic. I have given the reason and logic behind my argument  in case of Secular Jinnah. If you consider that my statement is wrong then any citation from scholars will not make it true.


In an earlier comment  I already said “Any statement does not become TRUE because it comes from a higher authority.”


“You keep on saying that Pakistan is a religious state”


Yes, and I will repeat the same that Pakistan is a religious state. Any state is religious if the state is run on the principles or teachings of a religion. If the state is not run by religious authority it is not “theocracy”. A religious state can be established by a ruler or a group of rulers who use the religion for their own good.


In case of Pakistan the use of Islam was the beginning and it continues today. In the making of the present Pakistan, the people, the religious parties, religious scholars or the religion itself are not involved. I will let you decide about WHO?


“I gather that you believe that secularism entails that there should be no state religion or equivalent, meaning a state which is totally cleansed of religion.”


No, I have never expressed this kind of belief. On the other hand I have written in my first comment (#11) that.

“In any case the religion and secularism in a state can exist as parallel components without meeting or crossing each other”

Perhaps you ignored it because it ends with “which Mr. Jinnah failed to realise in the State of Pakistan”

It does not disturb me if you admire the Quaid, breath the air of Pakistan in Denmark, use the Pakistani passport to travel around the world. I have no personal grudge against you and I have never raised a finger towards you.. If you got this impression I do beg your pardon.

But I do stand beside my statements.
Strasbourg, France

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