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Dear Mr. Ihsan,
I hope all is well with you. I am much pleased to know that you reside in France and Mr. Bashy Qureshi lives in Denmark but sincerely discuss the personality of Mr. Jinnah and the situation in Pakistan. It reflects your love for your mother land and I highly appreciate your passion. I think basically you both are pleading the same thing but the difference is of approach. In Pakistan we have three types of people:
1--  The atheists, Marxists and the materialists. who do not believe in religion.
2- The fundamentalists, religious extremists, sectarians, radicals, retrogressive, and terrorists who believe in non-progressive religion.
3--  The modernists, the progressives, the liberals,  the rationalist, the secularists and the moderates who promote progressive and moderate Islam.
In my opinion Quaid-e- Azam  belonged to the third type.  He was a modern and moderate Muslim and secular and liberal in his faith believing in Ijtehad (rational inquiry and soul seasrching). Like Dr. Iqbal in the matters of Islam he sought rational inquiry and inquisition. He did not believe in the rule of clergy that is called theocracy but believed in the laws of the Quran with modern approach that is known as Islamic democracy. The difference between Western democracy and Islamic democracy is  that in the former the parliament can make any laws with out any moral or spiritual obligation, such as they have passed the laws permitting homosexuality and same sex. But in Islamic democracy you can not do that. Any law colliding with or contradictory to the Quran can not be passed by the parliament in a Muslim state. For that in Pakistan we have Islamic Ideological Council comprising eminent Islamic scholars. Its' constitutional duty is to give opinion about any controversial law in the light of Islamic teachings. Islamic democracy is not the government of mullahs, it is the government of people, by the people and for the people.
Sincerely yours,
Dr. Maqsood Jafri

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