Why are so many terrorists Pakistani? An insight into the Pakistanis' obsession with 'Kaafirs'

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Sadly, Pakistan today is paying for the two fundamental "failures" that countries like Lebanon and Egypt are paying for, too. Namely: (1) The inability, or rather the unwillingness, to establish a strong, well-funded, and well-managed public education system from day one of its independence. The establishment of such a strong and well-managed public education system is essential for the development and strength of national consciousness without which the country will become, like Lebanon, a collection of "sectarian shops" ready to sell their "merchandise" to any one who is willing and able to pay. The reliance on private schools, especially "missionary schools" is the most "guaranteed" way to fragment the society and weaken national cohesion. Perhaps the most shameful failure of the state of Pakistan is the fact that after well over 60 years of so-called "national independence," well over 50% of the population of Pakistan are still illiterate. Israel has succeeded to create "national consciousness" during the same period of time, not only through reliance on the Jewish religion, including government-funded Jewish schools, but primarily through the establishment of well-funded and well-managed public school system. (2) The destructive role of the army (as in the case of Egypt, Sudan, Libya, and Iraq, to name but a few) in the national affairs of the country. Once armies are allowed to dominate national politics, the road to corruption, despotism, abuse of power, and waste of scarce national resources, become wide open. In this respect, if it is true that the thoroughly corrupt regime of Egypt's Husni Mubarak is the direct result of Egyptians' compromise with their freedom to elect their government, including the head of state of course, and to have an active say in the way Mubarak's regime is enriching itself and its cronies at the expense of the hard-working people of Egypt, it is also true that the thoroughly corrupt political system in Pakistan is the direct result of allowing such a thoroughly corrupt person like Asif Sardari (who flew by heliocpter to his sumptuous, 16th-century chatateau in the French countryside while his country is facing the greatest natural disaster in its history), to be elevated from Mr. Ten Percent to Mr. One hundred Percent i.e., the Head of State. It goes without saying that the chatateau  he owns in France, together with his real estate holdings in England, are the result of the looting of Pakistan by the Bhutto dynasty.
The abovementioned factors, among other things of course, are the underlying reasons responsible for the state of apathy, including the fraying of national consciousness, in Pakistan (together with Egypt and Lebanon in particular). National loyalty, indeed national consciousness itself, is a two-way street. The state, represented by its government, has to be ACTIVELY and MEANINGFULLY, loyal to its citizens in order to gain the loyalty of the citizens to the state. It is a very sad reflection on the current tragic state of affairs in Pakistan when an ordinary person from the so-called "tribal" areas of Pakistan recently said to a BBC reporter that: "The only time we see the government of Pakistan is when they send their planes to destroy our houses and kill our children." Very sad indeed. 
Professor of Economics, Ryerson University

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