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Dear Mr. Ahsan,
I hope all is well with you. You seem to be adamant on the point that a Marxist can be a Muslim. You have cited the example of  one of your teachers who was a Marxist but also used to attend Friday prayer in the mosque. Actually, you are confusing the socialist with the Marxist. Marxism known as communism bases on three pillars. Socialism is the economic philosophy of Marxism. Materialism is the cosmological interpretation of Marxism. Atheism is the ideological aspect of Marxism. Hence, Marxism is the blend of Socialism, materialism and atheism. So no person claiming to be a Marxist can be a Muslim, Christian or Jewish. But we can say that Mr. A is a Muslim socialist as socialism is only the economic side of Marxism claiming for economic parity and nationalization of all sources of production. Socialism has nothing to do with faith. We have a long list of so many Muslim thinkers who believe in socialism as an economic system.  Hasrat Mohani, an eminent poet and Ghulam Ahmed Pervaiz, a modern Muslim thinker preached socialism against capitalism but they were devout Muslims. So, please do not mix up the socialists and the Marxists.  As Karl Marx rejected the existence of God and was an atheist, hence from monotheist  concept of God , he is a non-believe. You have asked to explain the established norms. Every science has its' terminology. In mathematics two plus two make four. It is an established mathematical formula. If you change it and announce two plus two as three or five, then there will be no mathematics. Similarly there are laws of Physics, Economics, Biology and Sociology. Religion has also its' terminology. Suppose when we say Moses was a prophet. It means he gave his people the message of God. Pharaoh denied God, he was a non-believer. This is established religious terminology.  We can not change this terminology.  If we change the terminology then we create total confusion. I hope I have made my point  clear and the dilemma is solved. Thanks.
Sincerely yours,
Dr.Maqsood Jafri
New York

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