Message for On Line News Paper Zeeshan News Abudhabi.

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Message for On Line News Paper Zeeshan News Abudhabi.
Dear Mr. Tariq Hussain Butt,
Chief Editor,
The Zeeshan Abudhabi.
I hope all is well with you. You have asked me for message for your up coming On Line News Paper Zeeshan. I have been reading your columns on various subjects which show your interest in the political, social, literary and academic matters. I have found your writings very strong and full of commitment for human and democratic norms. I appreciate the conviction of the writers like you who boldly reveal the truth and keep the people abreast with the real facts. This is a prophetic mission. The majority of our columnists and TV anchorpersons is partisan. They hide the truth for their petty worldly gains. It is an intellectual dishonesty and is tantamount to crime. The term yellow journalism is used for such persons. So many writers, clerics, politicians, journalists and the TV anchorpersons are on the pay list of the Intelligence agencies and the moneyed politicians. It is a human and national tragedy. We need soothsayers in this sacred profession who can foretell the people about the on coming events and guide them to the right direction. But alas, we have people with sordid mentality. I salute those who crusade against the oppressors dictators and the predators and light the candle of truth in the dark desert of dismay. They are great and we owe much to them.
It will be really great national service that a writer of your caliber has decided to launch a news paper. We Pakistanis must promote Urdu in the foreign lands so that our kids must not become rootless. In alien lands we are like flowers in glazed earthen jars. We do not have roots. Our younger generation must know that we are Pakistanis and we should feel proud of that. The writers, the journalists and even a common Pakistani is an ambassador of Pakistan. As you told me on phone that your News Paper Zeeshan will be bi-lingual, I deem it the dire need of the time. Besides Urdu your intention to include English writings in it is a laudable plan. English is not only an international language but is also the language of science, technology and higher learning. I have been a staunch supporter of this language for our countrymen. It broadens the mind and polishes the personality. I admire the educational policy of Sir Syed Ahmed Khan who asked the Muslims of the Sub-continent to learn English to compete others. He was very right. The narrow minded clergy opposed his policies and regarded him a heretic. Even today our short sighted clerics issue decrees against learning the English language while all the ruling and elite classes of the Arabs join the American and British universities to learn English. Our great visionary political leaders such as Mohammad Ali Jinnah, Mr. Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto and Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto were educated in the prestigious universities of USA and UK. This was the reason they developed the sense of democracy, justice, moderation, modernity and human rights.
I humbly suggest that in the English section if the Pakistani literary, academic, social and political personalities are introduced to the English speaking strata of Abudhabi, it will be a great national service. Besides, the propaganda against Pakistan by our enemies can be countered by the writings of our patriots. As you have kindly asked me to write in your News Paper, I would love to contribute in it.
I solemnly pray for the success of your News Paper and hope you will achieve your noble and national goals.
Sincerely yours,
Dr.Maqsood Jafri
New York
June 17,2010

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