Family of the Heart - DIALOGUE & DISCUSSIONS 

Ladies and Gentlemen,

        It is so wonderful to see so many new faces today. I welcome you all to our Family of the Heart. Now it is your Family of the Heart too. I am so glad that you joined us on this special day. It is special because we are celebrating our 10th birthday.

        For those of you who are new I would like to share that FOTH is an informal group of poets and philosophers, artists and journalists, free thinkers and humanists, who meet regularly to share their writings and creations, ideas and ideals, to support and inspire each other. This family has grown from seven people to seven thousand people in the last ten years. Every week we receive 2 or 3 new requests to join our organization from different parts of the world.

        FOTH arranges monthly meetings. They include:

1.    Lecture Series focusing on social, religious and political issues.

2.   Literary Evenings focusing on poetry, fiction and essays.

3.   Music Evenings

4.   Seminars. Our next seminar will have 6 speakers sharing their ideas on Religion, Sex and Morality.

ARCHIVE 2002-2012

In the last ten years we have held seminars on diverse social, political and religious topics.

        FOTH is a secular organization and for us secularism means freedom of religion as well as freedom from religion. FOTH is a humanist organization that believes that human beings are more important than their ideologies. In our meetings Muslims, Christians, Hindus, Sikhs, Atheists, Agnostics, Free thinkers and Humanists get together to have passionate discussions and debates about their philosophies. We try to promote dialogue and help people to develop tolerance for the people we disagree with. We inspire people to rise above their ethnic, racial, nationalistic and religious biases and prejudices and shake hands with people from diverse religions and cultures. We support other secular and humanist, literary and social organizations to promote social causes and humanist ideals.

        We welcome new immigrants and new writers and offer them a friendly and creative environment to share their creations and get meaningful feedback. It helps them integrate in the new culture and new country. There is no membership fee. We have an open door policy. People can join any time and free to leave any time they wish. All our meetings are arranged on a voluntary basis. Members donate their time, energy and money for the activities they enjoy and cherish.

        In the last ten years I have made many wonderful friends. I cherish their friendship. They have enriched my life and have inspired me to write many books. From an organizational point of view I meet with Rafiq Sultan, Pervaiz Salahuddin and Zia-ud-din and make an annual plan for our meetings and then consult other members to finalize the plan. Pervaiz Salahuddin looks after the website and informs all the members on a regular basis of all our activities.

        Our motto and logo is Friends are the Family of the Heart. We welcome new members and new ideas and new ideals. We support people who are creative and help them in their non-traditional journey whether young or old. We believe that secular ideas and humanist ideals are not only good for our community but also for the whole humanity. We dream of the day when all communities, countries and cultures will adopt secular and humanist traditions and work together to create a just and peaceful world.

        Thank you for supporting us in making our dreams come true. Now let us enjoy and celebrate and make this day a memorable day. I wish a Happy 10th Birthday to all members of the Family of the Heart all over the world. We are connected to our international friends with our common dreams even though we have not met you personally. Khalil Gibran said, “Do not think you can guide love, if love finds you worthy she will guide you.” We are lucky that love has been guiding us for the last ten years and I hope she guides us for the next ten years. I want to thank all the members of the Family of the Heart from the bottom of my heart.



Khalid Sohail
March 11, 2012


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