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Danielle Hussain

Family of the Heart,

You are true treasures. I want to thank you all for welcoming me as openly and warmly as you did. I had such a great time reciting my poetry, listening to your poetry, meeting a whole world of inspirational poets and of course, eating cake. I’m inclined to learn Urdu now and have already started my bollywood marathon! I’ll see you all soon.


Dear Danielle, It was so wonderful to have you as a poetess. I learnt to be sentimental in public. People called me out of concern and I reassured them they were tears of joy not sadness. Let us know when you can come back. Please ask your dad to send us the video for our website...affectionately, sohail

Mr & Mrs Masood

Thank you Pervaiz Saheb for the details of FOTH birthday and Mushaiarah. We did not wanted to miss this wonderful event. We had marked the Calendar, but unfortunately  due to some urgency we did. The event looked amazing. All the pics are beautiful.All the people looked fresh and cheerful. I read some of the poetry it is fabulous. Please accept our heart felt congrats for this successful event.

Taj Gohar:

Pervez sahab
Thanks for sharing . Nice write up.
Yes family of the heart is trying to bring people on the common platform and inviting them to think and find the basic human values. congratulations to you and Sohail sahab for the great work.
Amar Fayz

Being as humanist and writer on social, political issues I am looking this forum is the best to spread the message of harmony, peace, love and prosperity within literate personalities. I want to become member of the Family of the Heart.

Dr. Mansoor Hussain

Pervaiz Sahib,

I am sorry to send my Ghazal and Danielle's poems so late. We just got back to Montreal.
It was heart and brain warming to participate in the 10th Birthday Celebrations of FOTH. What a wonderful evening! Congratulations to Dr. Sohail, yourself and the team for organizing this colorful event. I hope this Caravan of Creative Souls continues to march forward for many more decades to come. 
Many thanks to  FOTH for encouraging young Danielle and giving her an opportunity to present her poetry. 
Mansoor Hussain
Asma Saleem

Dear Pervaiz saheb, thanks so much for taking pains to organize such a wonderful evening and making me a part of it. I admire your photography skills . you captured such beautiful moments and saved them to live again and again.

Sultan Jamil Nasim

Accept heartiest congratulation of 10th Glorious anniversary. I hope this celebration will continue every year basis.

Mushtaq Ahmed

Very expressive and harmonious! Fits in very well with FOTH concept. Many thanks to PDS and AF.

Munir Pervaiz Saami

The FOTH team deserves our appreciation for achieving a great milestone and for a well organized event. Bravo!!!"

Darakhshan Siddiqi

Congratulations ! on a well organized and very successful function this afternoon/evening.
We all enjoyed it very much ( both the speeches and Mushaira ).
Once again HAPPY 10th ANNIVERSARY of FOTH .Well Done ! Dr. Khalid Suhail and Pervaiz Salahuddin.
With Best Wishes...........
D & A

Talat Zahra:

Thank you Pervaiz D. Salahuddin, once again congratulation on the successful 10th anniversary function of FOTH. And I want to convey my warmest felicitations to Khalid Sohail, Najeeb Kazmi, and all the members who worked hard to accomplish the mission.

Taj Gohar:

Heartiest congratulations for creating an environment in whcih there is a possibility of open dialogue on the topics which need to be talked. saw the photos of function all are looking happy and active. you are really doing a great job in covering the photos of all the events of FOTH. One thing to mention in your top of the home page the spelling of of is fo

Thanks for sharing the letter of Khalid Sohail sahab to the members.
Good work Pervez sahab
Dr. Faisal Saeed:

My heartiest congratulations to you, Dr Khalid, Najib Kazmi and the rest of the Family of the Heart Team for organizing such a huge event celebrating the 10th birthday of FOTH.

First of all, organizing so many events for 10 years spanning over a wide array of topics is an accomplishment in itself.. then engaging
people from all different schools of thought into a civil debate every time is amazing in its own right... Yesterday's event, attended by all
the who-is-who in GTA Urdu literary scene was a clear evidence of the history it represented.

Congratulations once again,


Zohra Zoberi  (
Bridging the Gap

One big
Congratulations' for a successful event!

Mubarak Naeem

That was a great program last night. Happy 10th birthday to FOTH members.

Faisal Farani

Pervaiz sahib, salaam! FOTH ki 10th saalgirah maiN shareek no ho saknay ka mujhay bohut afsos hai.....

Munir Pervaiz

Pervaiz Sahib and Team. Kudos for a great 10th anniversary event. It is always a pleasure to be with FOTH and to support its valuable endeavors. Cheers

Asma Saleem

Asma Saleem congratulations Pervaiz D. Salahuddin saheb for organizing the wonderful event!!

Rubina Faisal

Congratulations on the successful program .

Dr. Baland Iqbal

Dear Pervaiz sahib: Heartily Congratulations for such a graceful celebration.
Please find my attached article and thanks again for the wonderful opportunity to present my impression about the family of heart.
I just reached to Owen Sound and the first thing I am sending this attachment as promised...
Always in my prays,

Prof. Dr. Satyapal Anand

My dear Pervaiz Salahuddin Sahib: Aadab.

I send my best wishes for the 10 Birthday celebration and Mushaira of FOTH. I am sure the occasion would be a grand success. I am in Washington D.C. and due to prior academic preoccupation here I will not be able to attend it. I send my best wishes.

Recently five books of my English poetry were published. These have got very good reviews in literary journals of America and England. The latest review published today i.e. 7th of March 2012 is in THE GUARDIAN, LONDON. England. I am attaching a link and a photocopy.

Thanks and with best wishes,

Satyapal Anand


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