An Evening to remember and relish with
Syed Nadeem Shah & Afzal Sahir - Feb. 18th, 2012

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Congratulations on organizing a successful event with Afzal Sahir and Nadeem Shah.I have been attending your events frequently, in ranking number one concert you organized was a lady who's last name was Gangoli,a beautiful voice amazing performer and after that this event in which Nadeem Shah performed ranks number two. The poetry was amazing singing was extra-ordinary and music was outstanding. Mr. Jaffery mesmerizes the audience when he speaks.
Thanks once more for providing the community.
Please remember that people have started looking to your events. Please try to maintain the level and avoid below average people who site on the stage and disappoint the audiences who come from far distances, its waste of time and time is what we lack in this society. God Bless.

Sania Piracha

It was nice program and I enjoyed......
Thanks to Nadeem Shah and his team and also to Mr.Afzal Sahir.
My special thanks for you ( for Mr.Pervaiz Salahuddin) for arranging such a nice program. I also miss the presence of Dr, Khalid Sohail.
Pervais sahib keep it up..
ashfaq khan
Tariq wrote: "thanks Pervaiz sahib and Ameer for organizing such a lovely evening, I thoroughly enjoyed Afzal Sahir's poetry and Nadeem Shah sahibs must be a wonderful surprise for so many people indeed who have seen Nadeem Shah Sahib playing Tabla accompanying different artists and now as a singer, a spellbinding performance in this program. Congrats to All of you."

Tariq Hameed

My special thanks to Amir Hussain Jafri and Pervaiz Salah ul Din for having trust in me to perform at Family of the Heart event. It was a wonderful audience. It was an honour to perform in an evening with a legendary Punjabi Poet Afzal Sahir who is a wonderful human being as well. Nadeem Shah
 I appreciate the program which was organized by FOTH . Although i understand little Punjabi but  i  enjoyed and like Afzal Sahir's poetry. His progressive thoughts about  fuddles  and poor people are appreciate able.Mr. Nadeem Shah,and all musicians' performance was superb.
Mr Ammer Hussain Jafery's comparing was  excellent as usual. I was eager to listen his Punjabi at that time. but he cared for  multi lingual people . He is a  nice person .
One more person with out him any event might be  colorless  and he is"  Mr.Pervaiz Salahuddin."
Congratulations to all.
Convey my feeling to all concern persons. Thank you for sending us email.
Afzal Khan

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