October 15, 2011 @ THE HUB
  •  Family of the Hearts    October 2011 presentation

    Re: Sharing my experience about ‘Creating Drama in Canada’                                          Appreciation and feedback

    Dear Dr. Sohail, I wish to formally thank you and Family of the Hearts for giving me the opportunity to share my experience about creating drama.  It was an honour for me to be invited by your organization. 

    At Briding the Gap it is our normal practice to make critical analysis of any presentations made by our group, or personally by me.  Some feedback we listed I would like to share with you.

    Please note that my presentation was mostly based on video clips of award winning live performances.  I was assured by your group ahead of time that the required facilities were available. Therefore, I had painstakingly picked out selected clips to demonstrate to your audience:  Casting challenges; the subtle and major difference between ‘effective delivery’ of dialogue and what makes it ineffective; proper ‘blocking’ of the scenes and where the amateur directors can go wrong with ‘blocking blunders’; value of adding ‘poetry and music’ to drama etc.  I had also selected some clips from our Stage Readings, how they differ from Staging. 

    Upon arrival my husband’s prediction proved to be true: scanty audience. A bright sunny day on a long weekend before the winter sets in may have been one reason. Nasim Syed holding an important literary event in a more congenial location the same day didn’t help any.  Bright sunlight directly hitting the room presented unforeseen challenges which the organizers tried their best to overcome and they assured me that ‘things were under control’.

    Unfortunately, no sooner than the program started, I heard from the audience “we can’t see, we can’t hear”. This immediately killed my presentation – my feeling at the time was that of a mother witnessing her child being “embarrassed in public”.  But, it was not anyone’s fault!

    On the positive note however, both copies of general info about the History of Theatre I had gathered were picked up from the display table.  Four people presented me with their contact numbers and requested to be included in any program.   While I would not assume that my presentation would match your usual standard of being of highly intellectual calibre, even it’s ‘averageness’ was not possible that day.  In any case, none of it was the organizers fault.  Your audience remained quite receptive, even interactive.  The next presenter was great with his interesting story which I enjoyed very much.

    My special thanks to Ameer Jafry for his warm hospitality and kind words; and of course thanks to Pervaiz Salahuddin for never losing a single opportunity to ‘capture the precious moment

                                                                                                                   Zohra Zoberi (Bridging the Gap)










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