DR. Khalid Sohail - Moderator

Religion and Science, like theocracy and democracy, are not only two concepts but also two traditions that have developed a complex and complicated relationship with each other over the centuries. Since they are two abstract concepts they are known to the world by their followers, the way trees are known by their fruits. In different communities and cultures, followers of Science and Religion have produced different, sometimes contradictory results. ...more


Dr. Khalid Sohail



The question is, is the creator of Religion and science different? Simple and plain answer “NO”. Then, for sure they are not enemies.
Religion means believing in a higher power that governs over the universe. In Arabic it is called “deen” and in Hindi, “dharam”. Both meaning “path”. The path of believing in the presence of a divine Deity and Guidance.


Anisa T. Masood

Farzana Hassan

The relationship between science and religion is at best an awkward one in my opinion. Although science and religion both endeavor to describe “reality”, their approaches and methodologies are vastly different from each other. In this regard I also believe that religion usurps what must rightfully only belong to science. The two have often collided with each other on the nature of reality and there are times when religion has clearly obstructed science. One is reminded of Galileo’s trial for heresy in 1633 for promoting Copernicus’ view of the cosmos which was deemed in contravention to the Bible. ...more

Farzana Hassan

Dr. Akhter Ali Khan

The disadvantage of being the last speaker is that what is there to say on the topic has already been said, and the audiences are completely bored out of their mind. Nevertheless, as I have traveled from the North to join you, I must contribute a little to the topic.

In my opinion, to make a meaningful contribution to the discourse, one must define the two terms, religion and science, in order to define the barriers, limits and border of my contribution....more

Dr. Akhtar A. Khan

Ziauddin Ahmed

Religion is as old as the rise of self-consciousness in man and it can be traced back to the dawn of human civilization. The urge to worship appears to have always been there, however, man can only worship that which he believes to be good and powerful. Religion is a universal concept and carries many definitions.  Neither of the definitions describes the entire concept nor commands universal acceptance. Belief in God, "subjective God", is the essence of religion. ...more

Dr. Hamid Mian

Dr Abdus Salam was a deeply religious man despite the fact that he was a towering scientist of the 20th century. He was a devout Muslim in his personal life. He was brought up by a profoundly religious father; hence his father’s personality was imprinted on him. His family had a rich tradition of scholarship, learning and piety. As was the custom, he learned the reading of Holy Quran from his mother. He was well versed in Arabic. His father used to recite verses, tales and the Holy Quran to him. It was from his father he developed his love for Islam....more

Zakaria Virk

The origin of any Religion is Belief. But these two words “religion” and “belief” are multi-message words. The religion can stretch from monotheism to atheism, passing through the polytheism. The same way the belief can be any thing from “blind faith” to a “doubtful reality”. ...more

M. Ahsan Khan


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