On Saturday, May 22, 2010; at Tandoori Culture, Pickering ON


Mark Robinson - Moderator

It is with great pleasure that I am the introducing to you today A Professional in the field of helping people on a daily basis deal with the struggles of life, An author and poet but most of all a dear friend. ...more


Mark Robinson

Next Stage of Human Evolution

When we study human beings from an evolutionary point of view, we realize that one of the fundamental differences between animals and human beings is that animals are aware but human beings are self-aware; animals have simple consciousness while human beings have self-consciousness; and animals know but human beings know that they know ...more


Dr. Khalid Sohail

 (A review of The Next Stage of Human Evolution)

I ’d like to begin by talking a bit about my first meeting with Dr. Sohail, and how our discussions about religion, philosophy, sociology, and humanism, led me to the surprising realization that despite our being on opposite sides of the religious divide, there existed a significant commonality of thought between us. My views have, to borrow his use of the term, evolved since that time. ...more

Farzana Hassan

 Verum, Ipsum, Factum
(A review of The Next Stage of Human Evolution)

In this brief discussion I will try to postulate upon the central themes and principles of Khalid Sohail’s scholarship that has now been briefly summed up in his latest book, The Next Stage of Human Evolution. ...more

Munir Pervaiz

‘The next level of human evolution’ by Dr. Khalid Sohail
Review by Ziauddin Ahmed May 2010


Dr. Khalid Sohail has the distinct advantage of exposure to both  the Eastern and the Western way of thought. Being a humanist along with being  a Psychiatrist, gives him a dual advantage of unbiased and neutral observation of human thought and emotions from a detached angle...more


Ziauddin Ahmed


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