Dear Pervaiz,

REH’MA COMMUNITY SERVICES & FAMILY OF THE HEART organize a Musaira in Urdu and Farsi on Tuesday, June 1st at 8pm at Afghan Village Restaurant, the address is 747 Don Mills Rd, Unit 7. This Mushira was part of research on elder abuse. Research is focusing on Thorncliffe Park and Flemingdon Park areas. It was an effort to disseminate research results through poetry as poetry is a powerful tool to mobilize people and bring social change. Poetry was focus on research themes and poets share some powerful poems on seniors poverty, loneliness, lack of social networks, loss of dignity and personal worth, lack of mobility, preserving family ties at the cost of sacrificing personal growth, income security, language barriers, perpetuation of marginalization, and aging in poverty etc.

Ameer H. Jafery conducted URDU poetry & Musical part as well as Mr. Masood conducted Farsi poetry and Musical part.