Jan. 07, 2007

I sent this link to all friends and family, and after reading the expose by the Independent on the theft of Iraqi oil, Sarah wrote this (in OpenOffice - not Microsoft Office) - her spontaneous comments:

A Bit of Stinking Oil, by Sarah Choudhry

So the Americans finally got the little bit of stinking oil they wanted from Iraq. The stinking oil that reeks of a thousand rotting corpses. But do they care of the lives that were taken just because the Americans wanted more oil to fuel their cars? So I bet they're really happy. One day they'll be like "We are in deep regret for the people that died for the better of this country" and after that when they get the oil they'll be like "Woohoo! We finally managed to steal the oil from those pathetic Iraqis! Partyyyyyy!"

But then again that's just my opinion.