Family othe Heart (F.O.T.H.) is a group of creative people–writers, journalists, students, artists, singers, poets, scientists, freethinkers and people from all other walks of life, who meet regularly to share their ideas around a host of contemporary issues, science, music, art, culture, literature and religion at a Dinner, usually once a month, details of which are circulated well in advance. F.O.T.H. endeavours to foster a climate in which a healthy exchange of ideas can flourish to enhance one’s understanding of the world around us through an open forum and a genuine spirit of inquiry, dialogue and debate. It provides an opportunity for personal and artistic growth to young and old alike, and people with intellectual and artistic potential are encouraged to share their creations and receive honest feedback. Pervaiz Salahuddin is the Webmaster, assisted by Rafi Aamer, who keeps everyone informed about seminars and get-togethers. Additionally, they also coordinate social and literary activities. At F.O.T.H. we go out of our way to organise a special get-together when an artist, writer or an intellectual from abroad is visiting our home ground. Already, many writers, artists and intellectuals from Europe, Asia and North America have chosen to become honorary members of F.O.T.H. primarily due to our open-door philosophy of tolerance for all. A unique feature of F.O.T.H. is its family camaraderie and feeling of fellowship.  Thanks to people like you. Come; join us in this creative journey as well as fun.
There is a wisdom of the head, and a wisdom of the heart. A loving heart is the truest wisdom — Charles Dickens
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